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Below is a list of our current initiatives. In addition to the below, we're always open to ideas for new ways that we can support the fight against TB, so feel free to get in touch via

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EWTB Exemplar Award

EWTB wants to encourage companies to take action. One way we do that is through drawing attention to inspiring programmes that can act as an exemplars to other. We're building a new site for our Exemplar Awardees, so check back soon.

Supply Chain Standard

EWTB recognises that the direct influence of companies on their employees is only one way to maximise our impact for workers at risk of TB. To that end we are developing a 'Standard' for procurement managers to minimise the risk of TB and associated respiratory illnesses in their supply chains.


CSR Case Studies

Companies have an enormous social impact through their CSR, sustainability and community programming. EWTB is trying to capture the best that's out there in order to generate new ideas for how companies can contribute to ending the TB epidemic.

Respiratory Risk Assessment

We are trying to establish a methodology that companies can use to identify the likelihood of a respiratory pathogen being introduced into a given workplace, and the likelihood of that pathogen subsequently spreading.

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