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To join Ending Workplace TB, company leaders must sign our EWTB Charter which commits companies to taking four initial activities to help tackle workplace TB. They are:

1. Raise awareness of TB - its symptoms, causes and treatments - within their own workforces, and where possible, the wider community.

2. Appoint a company focal point to join our network calls and liaise with company efforts to tackle workplace TB.

3. Work with Ending Workplace TB to explore the costs of TB to their company.

4. Encourage suppliers to improve their policies and procedures regarding TB within their supply chains.

Companies that support the charter receive a membership card that can be used on social media and other communications channels.

If you are not a company but still want to support our work, contact us at



Our services implementation guide is for companies that want to set up screening, referral and support services for workers affected by TB.

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Our TB in the community implementation guide is for companies who want to support their workforce communities in tackling the disease.

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Our costs of TB implementation guide is focused on breaking down the financial barriers that prevent people who are sick from seeking care.

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Our stigma guide is for companies who want to partner with technical agencies to tackle prejudice and discrimination caused by TB status.

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Modern supply chains stretch around the world and can involve hundreds of different companies combining to create a single product. Ensuring that each of those companies has good workplace health policies to tackle respiratory pathogens is a major challenge.

We have produced a short implementation guide for companies that want to support our efforts to end workplace TB but may not have high rates of TB within their direct operations.

If your suppliers are interested in taking steps to tackle workplace TB but aren't sure how to proceed, encourage them to contact us at:


If you need any further information on how companies in low-burden settings can help, please don't hesitate to contact us at the same address.