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Scroll down to find out more information about workplace legislation in South Africa.  


Thanks to Jameson Malemela who assisted in the collection of this information.


1. Is it illegal to dismiss someone on the basis of their health status?

Yes. There is a regulated process for ill health separation.

2. Is TB recognised in law as an occupational disease?

Only in certain settings such as mining and health care sectors.

3. Is dismissal during a prolonged period of illness illegal?

Yes, unless the regulated process is followed.

4. Are employers legally required to report incidents of occupational disease?

Yes. There is specific legislation covering various sectors.

5. Are migrant workers included in the scope of occupational health legislation?


6. Is there a competent national authority for Occupational Safety and Health?

Yes. Authority is devolved through sectoral administrations.

7. If so, does it have the authority to investigate a place of work for infectious disease transmission?


8. Are employers legally required to ensure the health of their employees?

Yes. It is enshrined in the constitution.

9. Do employees have the right to compensation if their health is adversely affected at work?


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