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Every organisation, private sector or otherwise, that employs people has to comply with local occupational health legislation and policies. These policies and laws can play a major role in shaping how people react to workplace health challenges. If, for example, there is a genuine risk of being dismissed if you reveal that you are sick, then people will avoid disclosing their health status - potentially risking worse outcomes for themselves (if they don't seek care) and, in the case of infectious diseases, transmitting them to others.

We have worked with experts around the world to gather an understanding of the occupational health policies in various high TB burden countries. We have focused on nine questions:

  • Is dismissal of an employee on the basis of health status illegal?

  • Is TB recognised as an occupational disease?

  • Is dismissal during a prolonged period of illness illegal?

  • Do employers have a legal requirement to report incidents of occupational disease to the relevant authorities?

  • Are migrant workers included within the scope of occupational health legislation?

  • Is there a competent national authority for occupational health and safety? If so, does it have authority to investigate workplaces for transmission of infectious diseases?

  • Are employers legally required to ensure the health of their employees?

  • Do employees have a right to compensation if their health is adversely affected at work?

Click on the buttons in the map below to see the answers to these questions for each specific country. 

If you can help provide additional information or context on any country, please let us know. Please also consider that this page is a work in progress. We have checked and double-checked all the information as best we can, 

Data collection complete: Indonesia, Philippines, United Republic of Tanzania, South Africa

Data collection ongoing or not started: Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Vietnam

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